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Underside of old frying pans by Christopher Jonassen


Underside of old frying pans by Christopher Jonassen


Legend says that this all started after Seicho Matsumoto published a novel by the name of Kuroi Kaiju (Black Sea of Trees) in 1960. The story ends with two lovers committing suicide in the forest, so many people believe that’s what started it all.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Japanese people have hanged themselves from the trees of Aokigahara forest.

In the 1970s the suicides had become so infamous that the Japanese government started to do annual sweeps of the forest to search for and clear out the bodies. In 2002, 78 bodies were found within the forest, exceeding the previous record of 74 in 1998. By 2003, the rate had climbed to 100.

It is the number TWO hot-spot for suicides (Golden Gate Bridge is the 1st)

Supposedly this is one of the quietest forests in the world due to an almost complete lack of wildlife

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I hate myself for complaining so much about being sick of shoveling, but not nearly as much as I fucking hate shoveling.